Annoucement Page

Renovated Website with PO Functionality

In 2021, we finally combined our dealer order entry system with our website!

New Features:

  • Account login:
    • Anyone can view our products without login. However, no pricing information will be displayed for guests.
    • If you're our existing dealer, please use your email for Handshake to sign up a NEW account. Once the account is created, you can log in and see your dealer pricing, company name, and address etc. automatically linked to your account. If you used a different email address, please make sure the company name is the same as that used in Handshake, and make sure billing and shipping address entered (for future orders to be processed properly). Then inform us about it so that we can associate your pricing to this account.
    • If you're not our contracted dealer, the prices shown will be our Manufacture Recommended Retail Prices (MSRP).
  • Product page: each product now has its own page with detailed information about it, such as material, color, dimension, arm height, seat height, pcs/carton, the matching cover, and stock quantity (update daily) etc. We will be continuously updating this information to improve its completeness.
  • Order records: all your historical orders will be kept under your account for review. Additionally, once your order is shipped, the tracking # for each item that was shipped will also be shown under your order records. (one caveat: if one sku was shipped in multiple times, only the last tracking number will be displayed)
  • Notification: you will receive notification email once your order is submitted and shipped. If the order partially shipped, each email will contain the tracking number of most recent shipment.  However the website, only the later tracking # will be displayed for any item that has multiple tracking numbers. 

Changes as compared to the Handshake system

  • Cushion: rather than selecting the specific cushion color, now we are adopting a basic cushion + upgrade approach. First find the cushion you want to order, and make sure to enter the fabric name into the Customer Note for that product (you won't be able to check out if a cushion doesn't have a note). The cushion you added is a solid color fabric. To update it to strip, weave, and print, you'll need to purchase cushion upgrade. Review any cushion description for detail.
  • Customer PO#: if you have a customer PO#, make sure you put it into the note for the order. You can later reference your PO# or the order# on the website with us to check its status.

 Please use this website to enter your POs starting December 14, 2021.  You can email for any technical questions.



2021 was a difficult year. Our factory had raised our importing costs twice on significant inflation of raw materials and scarce availability of skilled labor. We had reacted with an MSRP update during the year. As we are close to the end of the year, an overall analysis shows another price increase is still necessary.

Freight Rate

In order to continue to provide high quality services to you, we have updated our pricing again along with the website relaunch, where 80% of products received a 5% increase. The reminder 20% had more than 5% reflecting their bulky structure and the current freight costsThis new price takes effects as the Handshake system expires on Dec 14, 2021.

While maintaining a wide range of selections, we also focus on a few popular sets that's market proven to stock heavily with very competitive pricing. Talk to our salespeople to learn more on these special sets.